Submit Your Play

Walking Plays is an opportunity for writers, actors and sound designers to get their work into the ears of the public, and get paid.

We’re looking for fully produced plays set in the most interesting parts of the world with stories that immerse the listener.

All revenues from sales are split with you.

Got A Play Idea?

If you’re a writer with a great idea for a Walking Play, but don’t have the actors or resources to get it produced, then send us your script.

If we like it, we’ll find the actors and sound design team to make it happen. Get writing!

You’ll get a split of revenues.

Looking For A Role?

If you’re an actor or a theatre group looking for the opportunity to perform, then get in touch with us. We can either pair you up with a writer, or find a play that would suit your group. We may even assist in getting the play produced.

As always you’ll get a split of all play purchases.

Get In Touch

We want to build a community of writers, actors and sound designers to give you a platform to be heard and have your amazing work out there for everyone to experience.

We want plays from all countries, all languages and all genres, so don’t be shy, get in touch and let’s have a chat.