Immersive Experience

Put on your headphones and listen to a play set in multiple locations in areas of your favourite city where the streets are the stage.

Compelling Stories

Local writers and actors draw on their knowledge and experience to deliver an audio play like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Listen With Friends

Our synced audio allows one person to control the audio for your whole group, so you’re always in sync. Simply scan a QR code to connect.

Or Listen At Home

Listen to our plays from the comfort of your own home. You can even sync the audio and listen along with people thousands of miles away.

Experience Your Favourite City

We’ll take you to local spots you’ve never seen or heard of before, experiencing the city in a whole new way, where the city is the stage.

London Launch

We’re launching Walking Plays in London, but we plan to add amazing plays in cities all over the world. Get in touch.